Andrew Berends
Director, Cinemetographer
Storyteller Productions

I owe a huge amount of thanks to the following five
people who helped create Urk.


(For more about Andrew Berends, please see Electronic Press Kit)

Michiel Pilgram

Michiel has been a solid supporter since the inception
of the film more than five years ago. He has
contributed a huge amount of his time and skills
throughout the long editing process. It's no easy task
to edit a documentary, especially when you're working
with a director who also shot the film and is an editor
himself. But Michiel had the documentary editing skills
and the patience to stick it out and get the job done.
He's also been the guy I could talk to about any and
every issue that arose throughout the development
of the project.

Anke Brus
Interviewer, Translator
Anke spent three intense weeks with me on Urk during
which she gave herself fully to the project. I relied on
her heavily not just as a translator, but as a shrewd
and intelligent interviewer. Before each interview we
would discuss what we wanted to ask the subject, but
then Anke would conduct the entire interview in Dutch.
Constant translation back and forth would kill the flow
of any interview. I was dependent on her, and she did
a great job as can be seen in the testimonies of the
people in the film.

Stephen Barton
Stephen responded enthusiastically to a notice I put
on looking for a composer. He had an
impressive resume, some great samples of his work,
and a lot of enthusiasm. He wrote and produced a
stunningly beautiful and unique score. It helps drive
the film and treats the subjects with respect and
sensitivity. He put a lot of time and effort into getting
to know the film by watching it over and over and
really digesting it, before putting pen to paper. Not
only did he write the score, but he assembled a terrific
small orchestra at Angel Studio in London...all on a
shoestring budget. We can expect to hear more from
him in the future.

Dow & Marsha McKeever
Sound Designers
Sinepost Audio

Dow and Marsha went above and beyond doing the
sound edit and mix. After watching a tape of the film,
Dow said yes, it's a documentary, but we want to give
it a full cinematic treatment when it comes to the
sound design. They created layers of sound to evoke
the full sense of the sea, and enhanced the reality of
all the environments in the town and in the waves.
And when they reached the point where it sounded
really good, they decided to spend a few more weeks
and make it even better.